Saturday, March 28, 2009

some close ups of individual projects

While You were out!

Have you ever seen the show, "while you were out"? They take a family, and send one of them away for a weekend, while other loved ones decorate a room in their house. When they get back, "surprise!"

While my hubby was away on business, I decided to redecorate our bedroom (one of the last places in the house we hadn't painted yet) Here is the headboard which I re-upholstered, I also put new lampshades on and added a decorative shelf on the right.

In the corner you can see that I finally added a valance, and moved the hanging candle holder to the corner. I also de-cluttered (a lot!)

I stencilled the border, made the elk clock on top of the hutch, did both of the flower arrangements and put up some framed artwork (I actually printed the pictures on my printer...they are from PC crafter, by Dwight Kirkland)

Anyway, my husband was shocked, and very happy, and I'm glad that I finally have a room where things match. Now all we need is new carpet.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here is a card and a little pincushion I made for my mom for her B-day. The shoe was my daughter's, and the fabric came from an old Christmas dress of hers that I have long since re-purposed. I just wanted to share!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More shameless bragging- My daughter won gold on the floor exercise at the state championships, level 4. She seemed a little surprised that many of the "big" girls gave her heartfelt congratulations. I told her that a lot of people get to move up in levels without ever "winning" a state!

It was a nice way to wrap up level 4. She has one more meet at level 5, and then our season is probably over (maybe not, but we'll just have to see how she does)