Monday, December 7, 2009

Here's another picture of Mushi mushi. Is he lovable, or what?

Meet Mushi-Mushi. Unfortunately, Cinders didn't get along with the dog...after she launched the 4th of many sneak attacks that left Jam bleeding, we decided she just had to go.

We took our dog to the shelter with us to pick out another cat, and Mushi was "the guy". He loves Jamie (we say he likes his women tall dark and hairy) and he loves to get attention (of course he has wanted attention at 3 AM the last two nights, what's up with that?) but so far he's a great cat.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter has finally arrived at our house. My dog acted like she needed to go out potty, but she just wanted to go have a good roll in the snow. I guess this weather just brings out her husky side.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

what are you making for the holidays?

I admit, it's later than I think. Here's the thing though, I started my holiday planning early this year, so I'm not nearly as behind on my holiday crafting as I *usually* am for this time of year (Christmas is approaching like a speeding train though!)

I have mentioned a website called "you can make this" before, and I wanted to mention they are doing a series of videos of frugal and quick gift ideas (and maybe a little decorating too)

at any rate, you can find the website here, and the blog with the videos here. If you sign up for their newsletter they have a lot of fun free patterns too. I love the 18" doll sized patterns.

So there's my little infomercial about YCMT, If I can get my camera functioning, I will try to show some pictures of what I have been up to lately.