Tuesday, October 6, 2009

more fun crafts

The boo bag was a big hit with the kids. The little boy plays with my kids and he nudged his big sister and said "ask her" she then asked if we sent the bag. Of course, I was evasive..."what bag?" and they proceeded to tell me all about it. They probably know we did it, but hey, it was fun anyway.

So I promised more crafts. If you ever wanted to try dyeing wool yarn, check out this link. I HAD to try it, so I used Patons winter white (do not get the kind that says "superwash") and after it was dyed, I felted it. I think I'm going to make potholders or something, maybe a table trivet. I used four packets fruit punch koolaid for the red (I could have gotten away with 3, it didn't absorb all of it, and none of it washed out) and four packets of pink lemonade koolaid for the pink. I left a healthy space in between so I would get some white too.

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