Sunday, August 1, 2010

My LBS is going up for sale :-(

I got an email yesterday that the local bead store was going to be going up for sale...apparently they were just going to close up, but they wanted to see if any of their customers were interested in buying the business instead. They thought of me! I was incredibly flattered (or possibly scared that I buy so many supplies they thought I could actually afford to buy a bead store!) but I hope someone does buy it, and it doesn't just end up going away. (maybe I should save up for clearance sales, JK)

I have to say, the thought of buying a bead store had me day-dreaming a little. I pictured setting up my kids computers in the back room, so they could be doing homeschool while Mommy was working. When there were no customers I would be working on projects. Of course my supplies already threaten to take over the world...I can't imagine what my stash might look like if I had constant exposure. Or would I finally learn to only buy enough for what I was working on at that moment, and not worry about it "not being there" the next time I went shopping?

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