Monday, August 16, 2010

wrapping along!

The great thing about beading/jewelry making is that it is a portable hobby (unlike most of my other ones!) I just came back from a camping trip, and while I was gone I managed to finish 2 pendants and 4 bracelets (one bracelet I'm not sure I will try to sell, as I am becoming attached to it).

I also recently started wrapping silver coins. Small ones, like a "Winged Liberty" dime (also known incorrectly as a "Mercury" dime) and a buffalo nickel. The great thing about wire wrapping them is that you can see both sides, and if you wanted to take the coin out you could (you'd destroy the wire, but not the coin). Of course, I'm not starting out with MS65 coins or anything like that...I use good to fine quality. They say "I'm a collector" without worrying that you will scratch up a totally valuable collector's piece.

I will have to post some pictures when I get a chance to take some!

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NEPA MOM said...

Your designs are beautiful! I love the stuff you have in your Etsy shop!